Cat Suite Renovated

Lucky kitties! We’ve just renovated our Buckingham Palace cat boarding suite at Coomera! The room is now The Hamptons and isn’t it cute? A few pics to go in the frames plus installation of the television and it’s finished! Couldn’t wait to show you though! 😻 PS – there’s a hole in the side of […]

Flea Control

Fleas are not welcome in our cattery! A quality flea control product (Frontline, Comfortis, Revolution, Advantage or Advocate) should be applied at least 2 days prior to your cats stay to ensure they do not bring fleas into the cattery. If we see fleas on your cat, we will administer a Comfortis flea tablet which […]


Hi all It is always a pleasure to drop Jessie our cat off at the vet lounge as Jessie our burmese  is starting to learn she is really a “cat” ! Horror!  And the whole team have the patience with me to introduce the crew that is currently boarding there. I especially love the fact […]


The Vet Lounge deserve the very highest accolades. In November of 2013, I contacted the Vet Lounge from New Zealand, as my cat, Freedom was due to fly to the Gold Coast, and would be in need of long term boarding. The Vet Lounge had been recommended to me by friends, who had seen a […]

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