Royal Canin Premium Dry Food

We use the veterinary range of Royal Canin premium dry food (the best available). It is complete and balanced and provides your cat with all of the vitamins and minerals required for optimal health. The dry food formula is made up of over 50 nutrients which are precisely balanced to supply the most effective nutrition for cats of different sizes, ages, breeds and lifestyles, and with specific needs. 

Royal Canin premium dry food is included in your daily boarding fees.


FEEDING OPTION 1 - Royal Canin Premium Dry Food

Morning - Premium Dry Food

Evening - Premium Dry Food

Royal Canin Premium Dry Food fed twice daily is included in your pet's stay.


FEEDING OPTION 2 - Wet and Dry Option

Morning - Royal Canin Premium Dry Food

Evening - Royal Canin Premium Dry Food PLUS Tuna in Springwater

Please add an extra $2 per day for this option.

We use human grade canned tuna due to its high palitability and low risk of causing diarrhoea. The Royal Canin dry food will meet all of your cats nutritional needs. Tuna is fed as a treat for your cat.


FEEDING OPTION 3 - You supply your own food

We are happy to feed your cat your preferred food. We have fridges and freezers available for use for fresh meat/fish or cat milk (lactose free).

Please ensure;

- Dry Food is labelled and supplied in an airtight container (see example image below). This will ensure the food stays fresh for your cat. Cats don’t like stale food and we don’t want them going hungry! Please provide sealed containers labeled with your pet's name.

- Canned food is clearly labeled (see image below).

- Fresh meat/fish is frozen into individual portions and clearly labeled with your cats name and surname (ziplock bags work great). Staff will place portions in the fridge overnight to thaw before being fed the following day. This will ensure it is fresh when fed to your cat (see image below).

Please add an extra $3.00 per day for this option (this fee is charged due to the additional time it takes to feed individual diets. It is much more labour intensive).




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