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What pheromone is in Feliway?

The pheromone released by Feliway® is the exact copy of the familiarisation facial pheromone that cats leave naturally by rubbing their cheek against an object or people when they are feeling comfortable in their environment. It simply plugs into a power point (out of reach of your cat) in your cat's suite and helps make them calm.


How does it help my cat?

Feliway helps to stop fear or prevent anxiety and stress-related signs in cats.



How much does it cost?

You can hire the diffuser for $4.00 a day or the full kit is available to purchase and you can take it home with you when you collect your cat. The kit includes the plug in and 48ml diffuser (which lasts for 30 days). Please call the practice for a price on the full kit.

Is it proven to work?

Yes, Feliway has been scientifically proven to be 70% effective for target behaviours relating to anxiety, fears, establishing pets into new territories and other behaviours.

We have been using Feliway in the cattery for more than 6 years and can honestly say it helps cats immensely! Especially those who are fearful or nervous in nature. We have seen cats go from ‘Not eating’ to ‘Eating all of their food’, within 24hours of plugging in the diffuser. If you have a cat who is nervous in nature, they will settle a lot faster with a diffuser.

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