The Vet Lounge deserve the very highest accolades. In November of 2013, I contacted the Vet Lounge from New Zealand, as my cat, Freedom was due to fly to the Gold Coast, and would be in need of long term boarding. The Vet Lounge had been recommended to me by friends, who had seen a write up in the local paper about their winning services and had also used the facilities themselves.

From that first phone call, I was very impressed with the professionalism that the staff demonstrated. They were very understanding and keen to accommodate my request for a safe and happy boarding place for my cat, who is very much a treasured member of my family. As I knew my cat would be in long term boarding for a few months, it was important to me that my daughter and I would be able to visit her frequently at her boarding premise, up until the time that we would be settled and able to welcome her into our own home.

The Vet Lounge responded to all emails, and sent through all the necessary forms. Their service was prompt, friendly and excellent. When we finally arrived in Australia, they welcomed Freedom and took care of her straight away.

She was given a very spacious room, and was extremely well catered for.

Since her first room, Freedom has been allocated the New Zealand room, and she is very, very happy. The facilities in my opinion rate as 5 star for feline guests. I love the way each room has been designed with full knowledge of a cat’s needs. Different textures, scratch posts, stairs to the ceiling, soft bedding, hiding places and toys to keep them entertained. Everything is perfect.

As Freedom has been a long term boarder, she has been introduced to some of the other resident cats, and she has been given lots of freedom to explore the open area, as well as the vet’s office, which she is very fond of! I am sure it must remind her of home.

There are no words to express how grateful I am for the care that has been given to my special girl. She is shown so much love, and always looks very happy when we visit her. We fear she may not wish to leave! The aircon has also been a big bonus, and we are grateful that she has not had to endure some of the very hot days we have had this Summer.

And, it is with heartfelt thanks, that I wish to express how appreciative my daughter and I are, of the welcoming way in which the staff welcome us onto their premises to have a cuddle with our girl.

Thank you Vet Lounge. You have made our entry into Australia a very, very warm one. We shall definitely continue to use your facilities in the future.

We wish you all the greatest of blessings.

Kind regards

Chantal and Grace

January 2014

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