While your cat is staying with us, why not get them groomed? We can brush your cat, trim their nails or give them a full clip while they’re with us.


Full Cat Clips

Yes, we are able to give your cat a full haircut! Cats will be transferred to the veterinary clinic under the watchful eyes of our veterinary team for a sedation and full cat clip. When your cat has fully recovered and our vets have given them the ‘all clear’, we’ll take them back upstairs to their room in the cattery.

Cost: $110 including sedation, veterinary exam and full clip.


Some cats LOVE being brushed and will take it all day! We’ll gladly groom cats with this personality! If however, your cat is fearful and showing signs of stress, we will not groom them. The most important thing is that your cat settles down and feels safe in the cattery. We do not want to put them under stress, so if they are uncomfortable with us handling them, we will not persist. Should you pay for a groom or nail trim and we did not proceed, we will gladly refund your money. Your cat’s welfare is number one to us.

Cost: $25.00

Nail Clips

We’ll happily trim your cats nails. Please let us know that would like your cats nails done on admission as it is better for your cat to have them trimmed prior to going up to the cattery. When we put them into their room, we prefer to leave them alone for 24hours so they can settle and feel safe in their new surroundings.

Cost: $13.50

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