How do we differ from other boarding facilities?

We can offer surgical or pamper holidays
A lot of cats have issues with their teeth but owners often put off the dental procedure as they don’t want to go through the process of
Layout & Design
Suites do not face one another Cats can feel very intimidated and stressed if there is another cat opposite or beside them long term.
100% Indoor
It gets hot and humid in Queensland! Our cattery is temperature controlled with ducted air-conditioning (or heated in winter)
Fort Knox
Fort knox security We have cameras installed throughout the cattery so if need be, we can log in from our phone or computer at home and check on the boarders.
Safe from Ticks
The Gold Coast is a hot spot for ticks but our indoor cattery is tick free!
We monitor eating/drinking, urinating/defacating and behaviour daily. We understand that any change to a cat’s environment can cause stress so we
Caring Veterinary Staff
Your cats are looked after by trained veterinary staff! Who could look after your pet better than veterinary staff who are trained in cat health and behaviour?
No Worrying Smells

As the suites are sealed with glass doors and not mesh screens, smells from other cats are not wafting into your cat’s suite to upset them.

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