Some cats get very stressed when put into a cat carrier then put into a car….that then moves! By the time they arrive at the cattery, their stress levels are already high. Please understand that this is normal and it usually takes your cat 24 hours to settle into the cattery and learn that they are safe.

Some cats on the other hand are cool as cucumbers and ready to explore. Whatever behaviour your cat shows, know that it is a normal part of them dealing with change. It doesn’t mean they will behave like that their entire stay! Within 24 – 48 hours, most cats are relaxed and eating and drinking as normal. If they aren’t, a Feliway diffuser can be used to help them settle.

It can be helpful to some cats if they have something from home that is familiar so feel free to bring in an item of clothing or their favourite bed or blanket (please don’t bring in anything breakable).


It can help to take your dog for a short walk just prior to bringing them into the boarding suites. This will allow your dog to empty their bladder and bowels and get rid of some energy!

You are more than welcome to bring in your dogs favourite bed, blanket, toys and lead. Please make sure all beds are washed prior to coming in to remove any flea eggs and blankets are clearly labelled. While we try our hardest to keep all items in your pets suite, we can’t be responsible for any lost items. Please label everything & ensure all items are written on your admission form.


On admission, please allow 15 minutes to ensure all the paperwork is filled in, payment is made and you have time to settle in your pet. We don’t like to rush the process of settling in your pet so if you’ll be rushing for flights, please consider bringing them in, the day before, when you’ll have more time.

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