Extending your booking

holidayThere are dozens of reasons why you may have to extend your pets booking and it happens all the time. If you need to extend your pets stay, please call us as soon as possible to ensure we can accommodate them.

For extensions of 7 days or more, a credit card payment over the phone will be required. We will charge your credit card for 7 days at a time. Any time paid for but not used will be refunded back onto your credit card when you collect your pet.

Additional time stayed (under 7 days) of your original booking can be paid when you collect your pet.

Please note, that if more than 3 days has past from your scheduled collection time and you have not contacted us, or we cannot contact you or your second contact person – your pet will be considered surrendered and abandoned. We wish we didn’t have to have this clause but there have been occasions where clients have not returned to pick up pets.

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