Special Diets

rcw-foodWe are happy to feed your pet your preferred food. We have fridges and freezers available for use for fresh meat/fish or milk (lactose free). Please ensure;

1. Dry Food is labelled and supplied in an airtight container. This will ensure the food stays fresh for your pet. Dogs and Cats don’t like stale food and we don’t want them going hungry!
2. Canned food should be clearly labelled.
3. Fresh meat/fish should be frozen into individual portions and clearly labelled with your pets name and surname (ziplock bags work great!). Staff will place portions in the fridge overnight to thaw before being fed the following day. This will ensure it is fresh when fed to your pet.

A fee of $3.00 per day will be charged per day.

This fee is charged due to…..
• The additional time it takes staff to individualise diets to each boarder.
• The additional storage area required to store multiple diets.
• The additional time to ensure staff are clear on what to feed & to label your pet suite.
• The additional bowls and cleaning required if feeding both a wet and dry food.

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