Cats must have a current F3 vaccination. Dogs must have a current C5 vaccination. Proof of vaccination will be required.

This is very important to keep our boarding facility disease free and there will be no exceptions. The health of the pets in our care is of utmost importance, so please ensure your pet is up to date with their vaccination (given in the past 12months) or they will be refused entry.

How do I prove my pet is Vaccinated?

If you are not a client of The Vet Lounge, proof of vaccination will be required. If you cannot find proof of vaccination, you should call your vet and ask them to print you out a certificate of currency on letterhead and bring it in with you. Alternatively, your vet can send us an email with a scanned vaccination certificate on their letterhead.

Please email your pet’s vaccination certificate to: Coomera: coomera@boardinglounge.com.au Currumbin: currumbin@boardinglounge.com.au

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