Hi all

It is always a pleasure to drop Jessie our cat off at the vet lounge as Jessie our burmese  is starting to learn she is really a “cat” ! Horror!  And the whole team have the patience with me to introduce the crew that is currently boarding there. I especially love the fact that through the experience of the team they realised with jessie first up that the grab and bite on the ankles when they left the room only meant please pat me more and not that she is a complete feral cat. Mind you she has most of our family scared of her through this and other antics that only burmese owners would understand.

Jessie also prefers the African suite and this  is always taken into consideration when I book a stay. We have had many animals over the years and many boarding situations , some horror stories amongst them , but I feel the most comfortable with the vet lounge as not only do they get the love and care they need but you also have the comfort in knowing that if they did happen to get sick that they could not be in a better place.

I would highly recommend for any cat lover to take a visit to see how amazing the “suites  “ are …right to to one with a tv in it…but when you book make sure you dont request the africa room in case Jessie is coming to stay. Ha Ha

Kindest Regards

Mary, Jye and Jessie x

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