Suites do not face one another

Months of planning and research went into the design of our boarding facility. You have to have a good level of knowledge about dog and cat behaviour and health to offer a 5 star facility and we have just the skills! Marianne (part owner of The Vet Lounge), has written and published 2 books about cat and dog health and behaviour. She has sold over 100,000 copies of these books and was an integral part of designing the boarding facility.

Dr Michael Woodcock (an experienced veterinarian with excellent knowledge on disease control) played a role to ensure that the design of our boarding facility offered a place of health security for you and your pet.

Suites that do not face one another

Cats especially can feel very intimidated and stressed if there is another cat opposite or beside them within clear view long term. It is for this reason that none of our rooms directly face one another and they cannot see the cat or dog in the next room. This also reduces the spread of disease.

Kennel Cough (dogs) is highly contagious and is spread via coughing. While it's great to have outdoor dog runs, it's a sure fire way to spread Kennel Cough to every dog boarding in the kennel! To limit the spread of Kennel Cough, we have glass doors in our dog suites and dogs do not face one another so the virus will not spread like wildfire. Avoid kennels which allow contact with other dogs through wire.


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