We can clean your cats teeth during their stay

1 in 3 pets over the age of 3 have periodontal disease!

Cats suffer in silence with painful teeth and gums. Cats are especially experts at hiding pain, so will continue to try to eat and behave normally despite the pain. This is an inbuilt survival mechanism. If you wait until your cat is showing pain or signs of illness, you've left it way too late. It is therefore up to us, the veterinarians, to be their voice.

Despite a lot of cats requiring dental attention, many owners 'put it off'. However it is very important you we don't ignore issues with teeth. Dental issues are causing your pet pain! As your cat will already be with us boarding, why not address those teeth issues as the same time? This relieves you of the task of having to fast them and care for them in the 24hrs following the procedure.

Depending on the severity of your cats dental disease, we normally only have to use a light anaesthetic for a scale and polish. This means they will recover quickly when we finish the procedure.

Cats will be transferred to the hospital area in the veterinary clinic prior to the procedure and when they have fully recovered, we will transfer them back to their boarding suite (will be the same day). We will keep a watchful eye on them over the next day or two to ensure their recovery is continued. If your cat has had extractions, we will offer them soft food (this is at no extra cost to your boarding fees).

Book in for a FREE Teeth Assessment when you admit your dog or cat for boarding. Veterinary personnel will give you a full report on their teeth and IF a scale and polish is required, we will issue you with an estimate of cost. There is no obligation - The Vet Lounge offer Free Teeth Assessments all year round as a community service.

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